Oh, you season?? Well, I DUST!

One of the great things going through the pandemic is that it allowed me to spend additional time cooking food. With that, it gave me time to fine tune an out-of-this-world seasoning called The Traveler's DUST.

I never thought in a million years that I would go from being a successful salesman into a fella that created a seasoning brand.

The DUST is proudly Made in the USA. We are a Small Conservative-Owned Father & Son business. We are a Non-Woke company and will never adhere to that thought process of canceling. We love America and we love our Freedoms.

If you are looking to level up your flavor game with an all-natural seasoning that won't give you a "big bottle" filled with anti-caking and fillers just to make you like you made a better purchase, then look no further than the Best Damn  Dry Rub on the planet; The Traveler's DUST.

I am a proud sponsor of Folds of Honor. I donate a $1 for every bottle sold of that edition. I have a long-term goal of raising $1M to the cause. It's a long journey, but it will be worth it.

Much love,

-The DUSTMan

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